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The foundation's intent is to make available to the Sonex community as much technical information as possible. This includes an updated list of links to builder's web sites, especially those with technical details, clarifications to the building process that are the result of real-world experience, and suggestions for techniques and/or methods useful when constructing a Sonex aircraft.

Build Logs

The links below are builders logs and are external content not controlled or endorsed by the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation.


Bob Meyers Aerovee powered Sonex Tri Gear

Michael Smith's Aerovee powered Sonex Taildragger
Construction slide show:

Dave Conwell's Sonex AeroVee powered Tri-gear

Dick Hein's Sonex Jabiru 3300 powered Tri-gear

Eric Marenyi's Sonex Great Plains VW - 2276cc powered taildragger with Sterba - 56x48 - Fixed pitch propeller

Donald Walker's Sonex Tri-gear

Dave's Sonex Factory - Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex Taildragger

Carl Orton's Aerovee powered Sonex Taildragger

Michael Hilderbrand's Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex Taildragger

Michael Crowder's Jabiru 3300 powered Tri Gear Sonex

Adrian's Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex Taildragger (Australia)

David & Lisa Johnson's Aerovee powered Sonex Taildragger

Jeff Shultz's Aerovee powered Sonex Taildragger

Joseph Nelsen's Aerovee powered Sonex Taildragger (scratch build)

Sonex 1404 build log (in progress)!/page/1

Spoonworld (repeat offender)

Michael's Sonex taildragger build log in Australia (in progress)

Chase Ashton's Jabiru 3300 powered Standard Gear Center Stick Sonex (in progress)

Robert Barber's airplane factory - Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex Taildragger with a unique paint job.

Kevin Brewster's Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex taildragger (in progress)

John Stewart's Aerovee powered Sonex Tri Gear -- unique build log with time lapse videos (in progress)

Carl Jaeger, Stig Kiil, Rune Bjørkelid and Hans Otto Espegren are building what will be an Aerovee powered Sonex taildragger
Flyfabrikken means Airplane Factory in Norwegian

Dana Baker's mostly scratch built Sonex 1534 build log (in progress)

Aaron Knight - incredible stories and videos

Vic Delgado - Corvair powered Sonex 969


Mike January Waiex 23

Joel Fuller's Waiex AeroVee powered taildragger

Jonathon McGee's Waiex AeroVee powered taildragger with Sensenich - W54JV5L-44G - Fixed pitch propeller

Hong Kong Waiex

Eric Seber Waiex 153 build log (in progress)

Kip Laurie, Waiex 82 - YouTube Channel

Kevin Conklin Waiex 169 (in progress)

Sean Saddler Waiex 165


Build partners and co-owners: Phil Davis and Derek Hodges. Temple TX
Aerovee powered Onex 56 Standard Gear

Dudley Foster Onex 54 build log

Loren Sievila Onex 33

Brad Stauffer's Aerovee powered Onex with Sensenich - W54JVSL-44C - Fixed pitch