Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation
A type club to promote safety and education
in building and operating Sonex aircraft.



Have questions? So does everyone else! We'd like to start a Sonex aircraft FAQ so the same questions are not asked over and over.

Send your FAQ's and/or answers here!

Q: Does it cost to become a member of the Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation?

No, there is no cost to become a Club Member. There will be a cost to become a Voting Member of the SBPF, if you should choose to do so. Please refer to the SBPF Bylaws, Article II, Section 2.1 for further clarification of our membership structure.

Q: Why is there are need for another club? Aren't there enough resources out there already?

We understand this may seem unnecessary to some in the Sonex community, and we completely respect that view. However, if we don't take the initiative, lead the way, and work to improve safety in building and flying these aircraft, we don't expect any of us may enjoy the outcome. The NTSB and FAA have both embraced E-AB Type Clubs. You can find our initial goals are here.