Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation

Foundation Goals

The Foundation's goal:

Form a recognized, legal organization that can help accomplish the goal of bringing all things in the Sonex community together and pursuing tax exempt (501(c)(3)) status.

What we want to do:

- Become a recognized member of the Type Club Coalition  (TCC). We are now the Sonex type club registered with the TCC. Refer to for specifics  

- Promote education of all things Sonex by amassing tips, links, and hints from other builders, sorted by plans page when possible

- Promote building and flying safety using existing resources of Sonex Aircraft, LLC, EAA and other established and credible entities

- Promote transition and type training by encouraging and facilitating builder/owners to obtain LODA

- Promote already established regional groups, organizations, and associations and their events

- Promote and host seminars, workshops, and related activities

- Connect those interested in building/flying a Sonex with local builders/owners

- Encourage and grow the Sonex community

- Encourage discussion and sharing by making available as an online forum

What we don’t want to do:

- Provide any sort of technical support. All technical support must come from the experts at Sonex aircraft.

- Take over, compete with, or in any way direct any established group, regional organization, or association such as the American Sonex Association (ASA), Florida Sonex Association, etc.

- Promote modifications other than those which are approved and tested by Sonex Aircraft, LLC

Many folks have asked why we don’t use an existing resource or organization already in place, specifically the American Sonex Association. We have spoken at length with the ASA founder, John Davis, about this possibility. John has stated that the ASA has no intention of becoming a national organization, and is going to host and grow two regional fly-ins. We encourage all members of the Sonex community to support and attend these events.

When we discussed this idea initially, we looked at existing resources and web sites and found no single point of information or discussion. By partnering with, we hope to make an online forum, technical resource, and single point of reference available for use by and growth of the Sonex community.

Also, our intentions are to develop an organization that can legally protect from liability its board members and those who volunteer. By forming a registered not for profit corporation, we can take advantage of tax deductible donations and can supplement the costs incurred by selling items in an online store on the club’s website.

At the moment, establishing a not for profit is an expensive undertaking. We have an excellent start, but we need community involvement to succeed.

We would greatly appreciate your support in helping us achieve this endeavor, and we definitely welcome comments, suggestions, or ideas!

Blue Skies,

Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation

- Robbie Culver – Builder, Sonex 1517
- Michael Farley – Builder/Owner, Waiex 56, Flying
- Eric Seber – Builder, Waiex 153
- Carl Orton – Builder/Owner, Sonex 1170, Flying
- Chris Balthis – Builder, Sonex 1409

We are actively seeking additional Directors, members, and supporters.