Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation
A type club to promote safety and education
in building and operating Sonex aircraft.


Get Hands On

The best way to learn more about building and flying Sonex type aircraft, (aside from this site of course!) is to get some hands-on experience. We've created this page to help give you ideas about ways to get hands-on experience. We will continually add articles, photos, and reviews provided by our members about some of the workshops or training events they've attended.  

If you have helpful information you would like to share, please contact us!

Here are a few ways you can get some hand-on experience.

- Attend an EAA Sport Air Workshop

- Attend a local Sonex fly-in or builder event. 

- Contact a local builder to set up a time to gain valuable experience about their projects.

Member Contributions

Attending a Sonex Aircraft, LLC Workshop

Click here to read an article written by Stan Stewart about his June 2013 trip to Oshkosh to attend a Sonex Aircraft, LLC Builder's Workshop. A big thanks to Stan for his contribution!

Click here to read an article written by Rick Abell about his experience attending the Sonex Builder's Workshop for the first time. Thanks Rick!

Click here to read an article written by Tony Sabos, new Sonex builder, about his recent trip to    Oshkosh to attend the Sonex Builder's Workshop in June. Tony also wrote about his transition training experience in the Sonex Sport Trainer aircraft. Check out his great photos in the article too! Thanks Tony for sharing your experience with everyone!