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Alternative Engines

NOTE - The Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation DOES NOT endorse or recommend any engines not supported by Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Sonex Aircraft LLC is VERY sensitive to engine installations that are not authorized by or supported from the factory. The only authorized engines are the AeroVee, the Jabiru 2200, and the Jabiru 3300.

These links are posted for builders or prospective builders to perform their own research if they are interested in engine alternatives. The nature of experimental aviation is that builders can and will try different combinations of engines and propellers on their aircraft.

This list is not comprehensive or complete, and does not show all available engine alternatives for the Sonex line of aircraft.

We urge those builders that wish to use engine alternatives to exercise due diligence and caution with regards to these installations, and to thoroughly investigate the reliability and business reputation of the manufacturer prior to purchase!!!

UL Power

Fly Corvair

Fly Corvair

Great Plains



Leburg electronic ignition

Simple Digital System

EAA Article on VW Engine choices