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A type club to promote safety and education
in building and operating Sonex aircraft.


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From member Mike Smith:
Make your own drilled bolt shank: ... 730&row=23

Remote battery charging port: ... 107&row=77 ... 069&row=72 ... 070&row=71

Self Sealing Canopy Seal:
- Got this one from Dudley Foster. ... 003&row=79 ... 004&row=78

Lightweight Portable Wheel Chocks: ... 884&row=86

Canopy Locking Pin: ... 05&row=153 ... 65&row=152

Fuel Shut Off:
- I've never seen one that's better, IMHO :-) ... 79&row=418

Labeling every single wire in the plane, at both ends: ... 33&row=571

Fuel Overflow Pan & Drain: ... 84&row=751 ... 83&row=750 ... 75&row=748 ... 75&row=736 ... 60&row=734 ... 54&row=733 ... 63&row=728 ... 78&row=727 ... 06&row=726

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Cutting aluminum with a bandsaw

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Homemade dimpling tool

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Making sheet metal ribs from scratch

Making a sheet metal rib from scratch part 2

Making a sheet metal rib from scratch part 3

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Blue lining a rib

Piano Hinge

Drilling out rivets

Drilling and hole preparation