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Local Builders List

If you are looking to meet a builder in your area, try some of the resources below. To avoid spam, all email addresses are listed with the word "at" replacing the @ in the email address. So robbie at would be entered as in an email.

You'll be amazed at the satisfaction you get from getting someone hooked on building a Sonex. For those of you interested in building, meeting a local Sonex builder can be the basis for a new friendship and a build mentor to get you through those moments when you're not certain what to do next or how to complete a step.

Jim Hicke (San Diego, CA) -- jimweb at

Robbie Culver (Chicagoland) - robbie at

Micheal Farley (Columbus, OH) - mike at

Carl Orton (Dallas/Fort Worth) - carl at

Dana Baker (Action, CA) - gripdana at

Frank Davis (Northern Nevada) - ffdavis at

Kevin Conklin (Lower Hudson Valley Area, NY) - kconklin at

Mike Smith (Northeast USA) - mike.smith208 at

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