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Mentor Members – Knowledge Transfer One New Project at a Time

The value of the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation lies in its ability to strengthen the Sonex community.  Growing and strengthening the membership is really about leveraging the skills and experience of our members to assist others in their own Sonex journey, welcoming them in and helping them solve little problems before they become major stumbling blocks.  The real value is mentorship.

The Mentor Member Program

The Mentor Member Program is a very simple concept: pair up new Sonex builders (and pilots!) with an experienced Sonex builder who will help them get started, who will be available to answer questions, lend support and encouragement, and guide them along their way.  Mentor Members will work with a builder in whatever way and capacity desired, and create a personal relationship that will directly support a successful project.

Mentorship is not a new concept, and it occurs regularly within the aviation community.  EAA Chapters are fantastic places to find and receive mentorship, and the EAA’s Technical Counselor program has contributed significantly over the years to improving the quality of homebuilt aircraft projects.  The Foundation’s mentor member program compliments these activities, and really shines by creating a lasting relationship where advice, problem-solving and the experience gained from a successful Sonex-project are freely exchanged.  Mentors are there to look over the shoulder of new builder projects, and build a sense of connection to the greater Sonex community.  By engaging in this highly-personalized way, Mentor Members wrap their arms around newcomers, bring them into the family, and immediately build their confidence and capability in a way that simply can’t be matched.

The relationships formed by mentors and new builders strengthen the communal knowledge base, distributing best practices, proven solutions and vetted techniques for success.  Knowledge transfer is exponentially enhanced through one-on-one contact, and the personal relationships members and mentors establish will play a pivotal role in the knowledge transfer process.  The community gets stronger and smarter, one new builder at a time!

You Can be a Mentor Member!

The Foundation is currently recruiting Mentor Members.  Have you completed your Sonex project and have several years and several hundred hours of successful flying in your plane?  Do you have an interest in helping new Sonex builders get started on their projects, setting them onto a solid start? Are you looking for a way to give back to those Sonex builders who came before you and helped you when you were just getting started?  If so, your Foundation wants your help!  Interested candidates can visit the website to apply – it’s simple really, and no one will ask for anything more than you’re willing.  Here’s your chance to strengthen the community and build a lasting legacy in sport aviation!

Request a Mentor Member

Are you a new builder just getting started on your project that would like to be paired up with an experienced Mentor Member?  It’s simple!  All you have to do is contact the Foundation ( with some basic details and we’ll match you with a mentor near you.

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