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Posted 5/20/2013

The Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation becomes a recognized member of the EAA Type Club Coalition.

We are delighted to announce another one of our initial goals is now complete - that of becoming part of the EAA Type Club Coalition.

Please visit the following link for more information:
Posted 5/13/2013

The Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation and Sonex Aircraft, LLC, on Friday, May 10th, announced the release of the joint transition training syllabus. 
The Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation and Sonex Aircraft, LLC announced the release of the Sonex type aircraft transition training syllabus which is available to the public at no charge. This training syllabus was developed as a collaborative effort between both organizations. 

We're excited about the announcement today from Sonex Aircraft LLC about the jointly released transition training document.

Foundation vice president Mike Farley worked hard on our initial draft, and in partnership with Sonex Aircraft LLC, we were able to put together a free transition training guide for any CFI's or Sport Pilot instructors. This document is available for download at

For anyone who has not read the press release from Sonex Aircraft LLC, the link is here:

Combined with this weeks announcement that Sonex Aircraft LLC is now offering transition training, we once again see Sonex leading the way in the kit industry.

We are working hard to add meaningful, useful content to the foundation web site, including tool reviews, links to good information, and a photo album that currently has the 2012 American Sonex Association fly-in photos. The regional and local Sonex organizations (formal and informal) are where the real power of our community exists. By meeting other builders, prospective builders, and pilots, we can share the wealth of knowledge and experience gained as we build these aircraft.

We'd love to have you as a member - there is no cost involved and we want this to be a community grass-roots organization that leads the way in safety, training, and education.

If you have suggestions, content, photos, videos, or ideas, please pass them along.