Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation

Pre-Purchase Inspection

During the early morning hours on February 28, 1998, Sonex designer John Monnett took the original Sonex for its first test flight. Shortly thereafter, plans and kits were offered, and builders began construction on their own airplanes. By mid June 2000 the first customer completed Sonex, a Jabiru 3300 powered example, was test flown for the first time.

Since then, Sonex Aircraft, LLC has sold nearly 2000 airplane plans and kits, with over 600 examples already flying. With more and more first flights being reported on a regular basis, the size of the Sonex fleet will continue to grow at a very rapid rate.

Ultimately, a percentage of the flying fleet will be up for sale as owners pass their prized airplanes to eager new owners. In an effort to help perspective new buyers with the purchase of an already flying example, we composed a list of things to check before purchasing your new pride and joy!