Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation

Tool Loan Program

Do you have a tools around the shop that you're not using? If you would like to loan any of your tools out to other Sonex builders in need? Let us know! We're happy to post any Sonex related tools to this page so that builders in need can contact you to set up the tool loan.

All that we ask is that you return the tools to the original owner and cover shipping both ways.   

Send info about your tools for loan here!

Mike Smith has put Time-Serts in his AeroVee spark plug holes. The tool cost around $160, but Mike is happy to loan it out. The inserts he used were: M12x1.25x17.5mm spark plug insert p/n 42125, from Amazon. But Mike says he may recommend the slightly shorter M12x1.25x15mm spark plug insert p/n 42123. Contact:  mike.smith208 at yahoo dot com
Dana Baker, Sonex 1534 Builder, has notified us that he has build-related tools he'd like to make available to other Sonex builders. Per Dana: "All I ask is that whom ever borrows covers postage both ways. I have included photo's. Any one who uses any of these do so at their own risk."

Available are:
  • Wing Rigging Drill Bit
  • Forward Wing Rib Former
  • Aft Wing Rib Former
  • All Turtledeck Formers
  • Upper Firewall Former
  • 3 formers for the Tail
 Contact Dana Baker (Action, CA) - gripdana at
Eric Seber, Waiex 153 builder, has made available a taper reamer for use when installing the taper pin in the mixer assembly of the Waiex control system. This reamer is a B&S #1 size and will taper holes for the AN 386-1-8 taper pin. Per Eric: "This taper reamer has only been used to install three taper pins and is extremely sharp. Cost to purchase from Aircraft Spruce is $56. All I ask is that you be a Sonex type kit builder/owner, cover shipping costs both ways and return to me as soon as you are done using it. I'd like to be able to loan it out as much as possible."

  • B&S Taper Reamer #1 
Contact Eric Seber (Jasper, IN) - eric at