Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation

Transition Training

The Foundation's goals include:

- Promote transition and type training by encouraging and facilitating builder/owners to
  obtain a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA)
This syllabus was developed as a joint effort between the Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation and Sonex Aircraft, LLC and is available at no charge.

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We've also made available a letter template that anyone can use when submitting their application for a LODA to the FAA. The template is available in both Word and PDF formats. 

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Here are some thoughts from our members about transition training.

Click here to read and article written by Joe Norris, Chief Flight Instructor at Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Joe is one of the builders of Sonex S/N 450 and and is the builder of Sonerai II S/N 1206. Joe gives us his thoughts about transition training in Sonex aircraft and lays out several "truths" about the aircraft type. Thanks Joe for taking the time to put this together for our members!

Click here to read an article written by Stan Stewart about his June 2013 trip to Oshkosh to attend a Sonex Aircraft, LLC Builders' Workshop and receive transition training. A big thanks to Stan for his contribution!

Click here to read an article written by Jim Hicke, Waiex builder, about his investment in the Sonex Aircraft, LLC T-Flight Transition Training Program.  

Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA)

We all know that proper transition training is imperative prior to the first flight of your experimental aircraft. EAA has published a list of LODA-holding instructors to make finding transition training easier for builders and new owners of experimental aircraft. Using an E-AB LODA instructor allows pilots to become familiar flying a similar aircraft to their own (during Phase 1 testing or at any point thereafter). Proper transition training is an essential first step toward safe operation of experimental aircraft and a key element in the continuing effort to improve aviation safety.

EAA Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) Holder Listing

FAA LODA Guidance

The FAA has provided guidance for pilots who are working to obtain a LODA to perform transition training in their Sonex type aircraft. We've included the links to the guidance here: