Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation
Why Join?
Support Members. The SBPF conducts activities that directly support its members, including the tool loan program, the member BBQ each year at AirVenture, and the Mentor Member program.

Educate Members. The Foundation has several resources designed to build the knowledge and capability of members, including periodic "Shop Talk" newsletters, and technical how-to articles that are Sonex-specific.

Represent Members. The Foundation represents the interests of Sonex owners in a recognized, authentic way. As an industry organization the Foundation can speak with authority in a way a single owner or person cannot.

The value of the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation lies in its ability to strengthen the Sonex community. Growing and strengthening the membership is really about leveraging the skills and experience of our members to assist others in their own Sonex journey, welcoming them in and helping them solve little problems before they become major stumbling blocks. The real value is mentorship.

The Mentor Member Program

The Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation is a member of the Type Club Coalition (TCC)

We attend the TCC meetings online and in person at Oshkosh to represent our community.

We contributed to the TCC Resources